Time For Value

We certainly like what we have been seeing in the equity markets of late, as Value stocks have continued a resurgence that started last July. The out-performance has been fueled by better news on the health front, a more favorable economic outlook and rising interest rates.

In our latest special report, we discuss why we think the future continues to look bright for Value, even as we understand that some are worried about an equity market bubble. Of course, we are not invested in the thrills...and chills...of so-called “meme” stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment, nor are we falling for the euphoria over special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) whereby one is betting that the proprietors will one day find a viable business in which to invest.

No doubt, the excitement associated with potentially making... and possibly losing...vast fortunes quickly appeals to the YOLO (“You Only Live Once”) crowd, but those who have worked hard to accumulate a nest egg should be far more interested, we think, in investments that historically have provided much better odds for the lion’s share of their assets. Not surprisingly, we are happy to continue to play the role of the turtle in The Tortoise and the Hare, especially as we know how that fable ends.